• sent Joshua to the bank to do some banking stuff (always on a Monday)
  • meeting with my goldsmith over the phone
  • edit some photos
  • work on Willow Jewelry page
  • answer emails
  • made sure Vito has something to eat for lunch. I got lazy to cook so I sent Joshua to Rustan’s to buy roasted chicken
  • talked to Claire over the phone while having lunch
  • posted in Instagram, checked Facebook, checked analytics of my blog, replied to comments in my blog. It’s called Social Media.

We all hate Mondays. Because Mondays means WORK. After a relaxing week end who would want to go back to work, right?

Written on top is what I do on a normal Monday. First on the list is always banking. Since I don’t like going out these hot summer days I sent Joshua to do it for me (deposits/withdrawals/pay bills). Other than deposits & withdrawals and paying bills I just call if I need something from them.

I talked to my goldsmith (over the phone) for our weekly orders and payments and I follow up some finish orders.

I answered a few email inquiries today. I love answering inquiries. One part of my job that I like.

Since Vito is on work break for a month (May) to study for a test (to get certified as Financial Analyst) he needs to take in June, that means he eats lunch at home. So, I’m forced to prepare lunch. Otherwise if it’s just me at home I eat anything or I have lunch out with friends.

I have been working on our Willow Jewelry page. If you noticed there is nothing there yet. Right now I am editing some photos that we need to upload. This has taken me a long time to finish and my developer gave up on me. ‘Okay, ready when you are’ kind of thing. Seriously, I need to finish this asap.

Claire called me and we chatted for awhile. We’re planning to go to the beach this week end. When talking to Claire expect a lot of giggles (just like talking to Roxy). I just hope it won’t rain this week end! Fingers cross. ‘cos if you noticed it has been raining every afternoon for a few days now.

After talking to Claire I did some social media stuff. Instagram, Facebook, read some blogs that I follow, watch videos in YouTube that I follow. This is actually the part of the day that I like. I get to see what people are up to.

And this is how I usually end my day. With Schumi beside me waiting for Claudia to come home from work.

How was your Monday?