Early November of last year, I saw this ad that keeps on popping up on Instagram and Facebook of metallic lipsticks. I really liked it. So, long story short I placed an order. I ordered 7 shades.

I was so excited ‘cos it really looked so nice on the model.

By the end of November, it still didn’t arrive. They still haven’t ship my order. I emailed them twice and they said the shades that I ordered is out of stock and they will restock soon and for me to just wait.

Okay, long story short again, I just got it last week (yes that long) and when it got to me I lost interest already. Here they are. (It doesn’t even look like the one in their ad. ughhhhh… this is what you get if you order from a site that you don’t know).

This is how it looks like on their site:

See, how nice it is!

And this is what it looks like in person:

From left to right:

Tan (39)

Pink Gold (38)

Cloud Pink/Blue (33)

Lavender Blush (23)

PYT (19)

Salt (18)

JLC (16)

This is sort of like a topper for your lipstick. You don’t wear it on its own but top it with whatever lipstick you’re wearing to make it look metallic. I’ll give this a shot and I’ll post a picture when I’m wearing it.

This is my first time to order from this brand. And the time I placed my order this product just came out and maybe they had lots of orders that’s why they were late in shipping.