For those of you who are new here, I will give you a quick background.

Last December I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. When I was pregnant with my 2 boys I had gestational diabetes (my 2 boys only but with Claudia, I didn’t have gestational diabetes). My OB-GYN at that time (Dra. Borromeo) told me that most likely I will have diabetes when I get older. I remember what she said but I didn’t take it seriously.

Since 2016 I have been having on and off UTI. My OB-GYN now (Dra. Theresa Henson) would put me on antibiotics for a week. And after 2 weeks it would come back. It was like this since 2016 and finally late last year Dra. Henson requested a full blood test, spec 23. Then it showed that my blood sugar was at its ultimate high.

She told me to go see an Endriconologist, Dr. Jimmy Aragon.

Dr. Aragon put me right away on medication and told me to avoid all forms of sugar and exercise. And told me to go back and see him after 3 months.

I started my medication asap. And went brisk walking on the treadmill (2 times a week). On the 4th day, I stopped my medication ‘cos I got so sick. I had a severe acid attack. I thought to myself I will not take medication I will just go on a diet.

That’s what I have been doing since December. I stopped eating sweets (chocolates, cakes, pastries, ice cream, pasta, etc.) and I cut my rice to half a cup.

And it changed my life completely.

I didn’t really know what sugar was doing to my body. I am not really an “eater” or what you call a foodie. Yes, I eat chocolates, I am not a pasta lover either. But I can’t deny that I need rice in my life. In short, I was not aware of my blood sugar level. If you see me I am most likely the person who has diabetes.

In my family, there’s a lot who has diabetes and that’s the only reason why I have this disease since it is genetics.

It’s not easy quitting sugar. There’s sugar everywhere.

This month is the 3rd month and I am due to see my Doctor next week.

But let me tell you what I have been feeling lately. I started to feel the changes mid-January. I started to feel better. I feel light, I don’t get tired easily and I feel really good. I don’t go to the bathroom a million times a day anymore. And my UTI never came back.

I had gone over my sugar limit for way too long.

Like I said I am going back to my Doctor next week (Feb. 13) and this coming Saturday I’m going to have another blood test done before I go see him.

I’m quite confident that my blood sugar level has gone down (I hope) because I can feel it.

But then again, we’ll never know.