I have been looking for pointed flat ankle bootie. All my ankle booties have heels and I want one without heels and has pointed toes. Altho’ my ankle booties are all comfortable to wear (I wore heeled ankle booties all over Europe and my feet never hurt for one bit).

I found one that I like in Zara but it has half an inch heels. I got it nevertheless cause I like the design.

IMG_6918I super love the color and I love the suede material and of course it’s very comfy!

I used it today and I really enjoyed wearing it.

IMG_6914 IMG_6903 IMG_6907I used also my new texturizing spray that my friend Beth gave me and I love, love it. To say the very least.

I ran out of texturizing spray for a couple of months now and I don’t know why you can’t find a single texturizing spray anywhere in Manila.

That’s why when I opened Beth’s package yesterday and saw all the texturizing sprays that she sent me I really screamed! She doesn’t even know I need it.

You can really tell if people make mental notes and notice small details about you.

So, I am back to my bed head look once again!

IMG_6905 IMG_6906I used exactly the same make up yesterday except for the lipstick. I used nude shade since I made my eye make up darker than yesterday.

IMG_6917This is one of my favorite look. Flat ankle bootie paired with distressed jeans and slouchy long sleeves top!

IMG_6915IMG_6901IMG_6908And now the rest of my outfit:

IMG_6909 IMG_6910 IMG_6913IMG_6911

Everyone seems to be in holiday mood already. So, am I.

Vinny is leaving for SFO tomorrow to meet up with his LSE (London School Of Economics) friends and Claudia is also leaving for SFO on the 30th together with her friends.

While me I will be leaving for Balesin on the 2nd.

I will put up our Christmas tree when I come back from Balesin.

2014 is finally over.

Bitter sweet.


Top: Zara  |  Jeans: Topshop  |  Ankle Bootie: Zara  |  Bag: Valentino Garani handle Bag |  Sunglasses: Chanel  |  Neckpiece: Zara  |  Bangles: Hermes/Cartier Love Bangle  |  Watch: Vacheron Constantin  |  Ring: Willow Jewelry