I’m so happy that everyone loved our Baroque Pearl set.

And also this:

That’s what I have been busy the past few days. A lot of my friends ordered this necklace (and of course the baroque pearls, too). I’m so happy you guys liked it. I super love this! I have been wearing this everyday since last week. And I get a lot of nice feedback.

You can either wear it with the heart (like what I did) or you can wear it with your favorite stone. Like this:

Like what my friend Claire did. Altho’ she wears it as charms in her bracelet. Either way it’s just as beautiful.

Aside from being busy with our orders I’m also busy trying to hang frames in my new place.  It’s kinda difficult especially the frames needed different hooks. ughhh. I have been running to True Value a couple of times trying to get the right hooks. Somehow I end up buying the wrong hooks. I didn’t know it was this difficult. I never have problems hanging frames here in my house. Oh, well. I’m getting there.

Next one on my list: plants. I have to have greens. It will make it look fresh. I’ll try to post some snippets when it’s done.

Don’t forget to order your favorite piece from us! You won’t regret it.


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