I know everyone is waiting for the post about Joshua which I was supposed to write yesterday. I decided not to anymore.

But a quick recap, we fired Joshua yesterday. He did something that destroyed our trust in him. Yes, it has something to do with money. We all feel bad about it since he has been with us for many years. But what can we do, he has to go.

Joshua was a big part of Willow Jewelry. Ever since my assistant Manette resigned Joshua sort of became my assistant. Now that he’s no longer with us my work load doubled (especially banking and remittances).

I was so busy yesterday scheduling the other drivers for the kids and at the same time working. I tried my best not to get my work affected ‘cos life has to go on. I don’t want to be dependent on anyone.

Moving on…

Today, I worked early ‘cos Claire and I are having lunch and I wanted to be able to finish some of my work before I leave for lunch.

It was so nice to see Claire again (last time I saw her was last June). Roxanne wasn’t with us tho’ (she was busy in the office). We had lunch in People’s Palace in Greenbelt 3 and I pigged out. Claire did the ordering and everything she ordered was so good!


Top: Hanes  ||  Pants: Zara  ||  Mules: Chanel  ||  Bag: Zara  ||  Sunglasses: Super Sunglasses  ||  Willow Jewelry