I have to pick up where I left off.

Sorry guys, I have been silent for a couple of days. It’s one of those days where my brain just totally shuts down. Yes, I have those days.

Monday (June 12): I still have fever and not feeling well. I told myself if I wake up tomorrow with fever (still), I am going to run to my doctor again.

But I felt okay the whole afternoon. My fever went down and I felt okay. But still weak. That kind of feeling.

But at least no more temperature.

Tuesday: woke up with totally no fever at all. Still feeling weak. I’ll see what happens the whole day…

I didn’t have fever the whole day, so I didn’t go back to my Doctor anymore. I just stayed home and rested some more. More liquids. And Advil by my side.

Wednesday: I was A okay. No fever. Not weak anymore. Good. I can go to Claire’s surprise birthday dinner. Organized by her son Anthony and will be hosted by John Marcelo together with his girlfriend Maritza. I felt so bad I missed her first birthday dinner and the Boracay trip.

Roxanne parked her car in my house (she rode with me) and we went to John’s house (in Ayala Alabang) together.  It was such a fun night! Altho’ I was the only one who didn’t drink (not a single drop of alcohol) I still had fun. As usual Roxanne got so drunk and we all died laughing. Roxanne is the type you call a ‘happy drunk.”

Some scenes of the night

 With the celebrant

Food was great. The company, greater.

Please take note, Roxanne (in the middle, wearing red) hugging the wine decanter. She won’t let go of it.

Da boys.

With Roxanne and Maritza in the middle. Roxanne waving the decanter. Still won’t let go of it. Until Claudia whispered to me and told me to take it cos it might fall and break.

Me, Claudia, Stef (Claudia’s bf),and John Marcelo (Stef’s Dad).

All in the family. LOL!

I decided to go home around 11:30pm because at this point Roxanne had too much to drink already. Time to go home. When we got home she puked in my garage. uh oh. I told my driver to bring her home and to just bring her car in the morning. There’s no way she can drive with her present state.

Thursday: Roxanne called me early morning, we talked about the night before and I was rolling in bed laughing.

I just stayed home the whole day and slept in the afternoon. My body can’t take late nights anymore. And to think it was still early. Usually night life starts at 11:30pm and we go home 4:00 – 5:00 am. Those were the days. I can’t do that anymore. No way. I’m done with that kind of life. It’s my kids turn now.

Friday: work. I haven’t work for a week now and it’s piling up already.

Saturday: My mom and dad’s 61st anniversary. 61 years? wow.

…. to have and to hold, from this day forward; for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love to cherish, till death do us part.

The wedding vow they kept for 61 years

Sunday: Father’s day.

We had lunch in Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant in Dusit Thani Hotel.

I hope everyone is okay!

Miss you tho’.