When I was in the grocery yesterday I told my driver to bring Aiza and Kuro to Vito in Carissa (Dasma). Vito had told me last Sunday that he misses Kuro. Since yesterday was a holiday (here in Manila) I promised him I’d send Kuro over.

After grocery, I looked for a drawer cabinet that I needed badly in my bedroom. I wanted a drawer cabinet that’s just up to my waist. It is for my t-shirts, shorts, and skirts.

Yay, I found the exact size that I want in Landmark and I freaking love the wood they used and the color of the wood.

A few months ago someone commented here and said to blog about how I organized my stuff from a big space in our house in Dasma to a small space in my condo. I still could not blog about it yet. I am not done. I have to cut down from makeup to shoes, to bags, to my clothes, to jewelry, to everything! I still have a lot of my things in the storage and I am doing it slowly.

It is very liberating to do this Marie Condo method. Aiza (my helper) gets most of my makeup, my clothes, shoes (we have the same shoe size. Can you believe that? LOL), and bags.

I am only keeping the stuff that I really need. Like yesterday when I went through my t-shirts I found out I had more than 50+ Hanes white t-shirts. Just Hanes white t-shirt. Holy sh*t. Doing this took me more than 1 hour (hahaha). It was so hard to part with some. Mostly those who had sentimental value. But I did it! I did it!

With my makeup, it was not hard. Even before I moved here I already stopped buying makeup for my collection. In fact, when I was in New York I never went inside a single Sephora store. Not one. But I went inside Ulta because Claudia told me to buy her the IT eyebrow pencil that was only found in Ulta. She really likes those. My friend Marites from NYC was the one who recommended this to us a few years ago and would send me a few for our stock before.

Most of my makeup went to my friends and I gave a lot to Aiza also.

The only makeup I bought when I was in NYC was the L’Oreal Les chocolate matte liquid lipstick that I picked up in CVS (that I super love. I wear it every day) (I bought the whole nude range)(lol) and Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel (cream bronzer)(it is not available in Asia) which I got in Bloomingdales. That’s it.

Yes, even me I can not believe it.

I think it’s because of age or because I have nice skin now but I don’t like that full glam look anymore. Yuck!

On a daily basis, I don’t wear foundation (I only use concealer), brown eyeliner (and I just smudge it for a smokey look), eyebrows, mascara, falsies, bronzer, and lipstick. That’s it.

I have been loving the all-natural look. I super love my skin now (thanks to WildLeaf USA) and I just don’t want to cover my natural glow.

Funny story. Last Sunday Aiza said she’ll go on a day off. She said she wants to go to mass in Baclaran. I asked her if she knows how to go there she said no. How are you going there? She told me she will find someone to go with her. And then I remembered Vinny and Franny one time told us that their helper (who happens to be the sister of Aiza) went to mass in Baclaran.

So I told Aiza why don’t you ask Anna Lisa if she’s going to Baclaran (since she knows how to go there already) so you can go with her. So, that’s what she did.

I told her to let me know what time she plans to leave so I can borrow a driver in Carissa (Dasma house)(my driver is off every Sunday) to pick her up and drop her in Vinny’s place. She said after she cleans the bedroom and the bathroom.

I went about my day, spend the afternoon with the kids and I went home as soon as I can cos Kuro was alone and he hates that. By 6 pm Aiza was not home yet (I don’t want to call her or text her when she’s on a day off. I want her to enjoy her day off and if I call her or text her it will just stress her). By 6:30 I called Vinny and asked him if Anna Lisa was home already. He said no he told her to be home by 7:00. So, I waited.

By 7:45 Vinny called me and told me Roger (driver) went to pick them up na. I said okay. She got dropped around 8:00. I asked Vinny if he told Roger to pick them up. And he said no. Meden (maid in Carissa) called him and told him that Roger went to pick up Aiza and Anna Lisa in Baclaran.

And then I realized, what? nagpa hatid sundo sila sa Baclaran? Wth. The only thing I told Aiza was she will be dropped off in Vinny’s place so she can go with her sister. I did not say pa hatid and sundo sila.

You know what? If Aiza was not a good employee I would have fired her right then and there. I mean wth.

When she got home I was already in my bedroom and I did not see her. She just peeped inside my bedroom and said that she was home already. I said okay.

When I woke up the following morning this is what I saw:

Kaya pala natagalan kasi she had her hair rebonded and colored. Redhead na sya ngayon. LOL!

I will just be patient with her cos she is good with her job. She doesn’t stress me out. She does things without me telling her. And most of all she loves Kuro.

Hay naku, you can’t have it all.


“You can find inspiration every day”

written on my shirt

Top: Zara  //  Skirt: Uniqlo  //  Sneakers: Saint Laurent (YSL)  //  Bag: Balenciaga  //  Sunglasses: Le Spec  //  Willow Jewelry