2 things I’m excited about. #1. it is something I cannot say yet. But this is something big. I have thought about this so many times. There was something very painful that happened to me recently that pushed me to make this decision. The irony of it. You know you’re making the right decision when everything goes smoothly. You will know you are being led to the right path. I have prayed for this for a very long time already and finally, it is happening. Soon. #2. Yay, someone is arriving this coming Monday. Enough said.

Another thing I am so happy the Doctor of Dad cleared him. He has no more pneumonia (that scared all of us). Especially Mom and I. He had a cough that took a long time to heal so Mom brought him to the doctor and the x-ray said he has pneumonia. Good thing his Doctor caught it just in the nick of time.

He’s okay now. He’s eating well and he’s no longer coughing. Thank you, God.

I had to meet some people early this afternoon (regarding #1) and did some errands (regarding #2). Omg, I hope you understand. I promise I’ll make you kwento soon.


Top: Ralph Lauren  ||  Denim Skirt: Zara  ||  Shoes: Gucci Princetown Leather Slippers   ||  Bag: Chanel  ||  Willow Jewelry