So, okay, while I was busy looking for a pressure cooker I did not check the comments in my last post where everyone is telling me to get InstaPot instead of a pressure cooker.

I don’t know what InstaPot is. It’s my first time to hear about it and they said it is very popular now.

I was able to get a pressure cooker in S&R this morning. The brand is American Home. But since people are suggesting that I get InstaPot I will go and find one. Suddenly, I need it in my life. ASAP. Jeez…

This cold doesn’t want to leave me. I’ve had it since Sunday morning and until now I’m still sneezing like a cow. I’m about to run out of my DayQuill and my friend from the US who is bringing me some is arriving on Friday yet.

So, please bear with me if my posts are so boring the past days. I’m trying to normalize my life even tho’ I’m sick. This morning I had a meeting with my goldsmith about some orders and after our meeting, I had to go pick up the damn pressure cooker.

Life goes on man. Life goes on…


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