One of the many things that Claudia listed down on her shopping list was Levain cookies.

I asked her where to find the bakeshop. But she only said just ask your friends mom. They should know where it is cos it is very famous there. And by the way Mom, buy it the day before you leave so it will still be fresh when it gets here.

Among all my friends that I asked it was only Raquel who knew where it was and she is the only one who has tasted it since it is also the favorite of her daughter.

My friend Mabz googled the address and sent it to me. It was on the west side while I was on the upper east side. But it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Raquel told me to go early cos the line could get long.

So, on the day before my flight back home I woke up so early cos I wanted to get there at least 10:00am.

I was dressed up and ready to leave by 9:00am.

We had to study the bus route cos we needed to get on the cross town bus. It was a good thing that the bus station was just a few blocks from me.


We found it right away. We just walked about 2 blocks after getting down the bus and there it was. And all it’s glory.

When we got there there was no line. I was so happy that we did not have to line up. I hate lining up for food. I don’t line up for food.

If there was a line in Levain Bakery I will line up only because Claudia loves their cookies. If it was me, I’ll never line up. No matter how good it is.

The only thing I know about Levain cookies is it is Oprah’s favorite cookies. It was Claudia who told me that it is so yummy. She goes: “mom, it’s so good and it is so big. It is as big as your face.”

I was already imagining a cookie as big as my face.

When we got in I was not sure if we were in the right place. Cos I did not see a single cookie as big as my face.


Me: is this Levain bakery?

Sales person: yes

Me: the famous Levain cookies?

SP: yes.

Me: the very famous cookies?

SP: yes

Me: where are your cookies?

SP: here. (he pointed to me the tray of cookies right in front of me)

Me: why isn’t it as big as my face? My daughter told me it’s as big as my face.

SP: it’s not as big as your face but it is as heavy as a small child.

True enough when I held one cookie it was thick and very heavy. It’s impossible one person can finish it in one sitting.

We all laughed. I said give me one each of all your flavors. And can you pack it well cos I will be bringing it back with me to Manila. And he goes, sure Maam!

Since we were there already, we ordered for ourselves so we can try.

Yes it is good. Claudia is right. It is good. But the thing is I am not being bias here not because she is my daughter but really I think Claudia’s cookies is just as good. It tasted similar to Claudia’s Cookies. So, I was not that impress.

But it is surely good. If you want to know how it taste like order Claudia’s cookies and you will surely say it just taste the same (and not because I am her mother).

One of my Instagram followers told me that there is Levain Bakery in Hongkong. You might want to check it out if you’re in Hongkong.