I decided to get Mom a mini Ipad. Only becos it’s bigger than her iPhone. Claudia gave her her old iPhone 5S 2 years ago and she only uses that for her Viber. Aside from pictures, recently I have been sending her thru Viber funny videos or articles that I want her to watch or read. I thought that if she has an iPad she will enjoy the videos more cos it’s bigger. And she can read her Viber messages better, too (and Rhian can see me on a bigger screen when we video call).

I sent the driver yesterday to buy a smart cover for her iPad

The first thing she asked me was: “kabaw kaha ko mo gamit ana Tin?” – Do you think I will know how to use that?

I told her not to worry ‘cos I will teach her and besides, I will set it up in a way that it will be easy for her. The first thing I downloaded was of course Viber. I got her a Netflix account (cos she loves watching movies) and I put the YouTube logo (she loves listening to her favorite old songs) on the screen so all she has to do is just click it.

And of course, I also put the link to my blog on the screen. hahaha.

You can see on the screen that everything is there. All she has to do is click it.

I tried to open her a Facebook account ‘cos my Auntie Tessie (her younger sister) has been telling her to open an account. But I couldn’t finish setting it up cos Facebook texted her a verification code that I have to key in. I couldn’t get the code from her kasi hindi kami nagkaka intindihan. I called her and told her that there’s a verification code, a 6 digit number that was texted to her on her phone and can you please give it to me. She looked for it and gave me a number.

me: mom, it’s only a 6 digit number? why are you giving me 12 numbers?

mom: that’s what is showing here on my phone.

me: what? it’s supposed to be just 6 digits.

After a few minutes, I realized that the numbers she gave me was my mobile number! Jesus Christ. Hay naku. I’ll just finish setting up her Facebook account when I go home (this coming Tuesday).


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