Last Sunday, it was La Cabrera Manila’s 5th year anniversary and I was one of those who got invited to their celebration.

La Cabrera Manila is one of my favorite restaurants as you all know. So celebrating their 5th year anniversary is one happy occasion for me as well.

Every time they invite me to their events it’s always a gastronomic experience. Especially now that they have a new Chef from Argentina.

It was so much fun. Aside from the good food, it was fun to see old friends! It was one big event.

sharing you some pictures

Carlo Lorenzana (owner), Chef Agustin (from Argentina), me, and Bobby Tenchavez (owner)

Argentinian Ambassador and his wife (farther left)


the menu for the night

the food

Trio de emapanaditas (this is soooo yummy. The best empanada I have ever tasted)


traditional Argentian stew (very yummy too!)


Sea bass with tomatoes, basil, and capers (the best sea bass I have tasted!)

Trio de Carnes

Skirt, Coulotte, and beef short ribs



not in the picture Pastrami with arugula and foie gras con reduccion de malbec

the guests

for entertainment: tango dancers

Congratulations La Cabrera Manila!