Since I worked so hard this week I decided to gift myself (just finding a reason to justify my purchase today). Lol! But really, I wanted to treat myself. Starting with lunch in my favorite burger joint, 8 Cuts.

I have been wanting to eat here (again) for a few weeks now (been craving for their burger like crazy) but it’s hard when your lunch partner is on a diet. ughhh…

But today I put my foot down and said we have to go to 8 Cuts. I deserve an 8 Cuts burger. Please!

The last time we ate here was a few months ago. It is time. We ordered the usual. Skinny fries and their onion rings to go with our 8Cuts cheese burger. So, yummy. This got wiped out in 5 minutes. Okay, thats a little over exaggerated. Maybe 10-15 minutes. lol!

On my way home I dropped by Emenegildo Zegna in Rustan’s  to book an appointment for Vito to have him measured for his coat and pants that he will wear on Vinny’s wedding. Then I went up to Almeda Optical to pick up my prescription glasses.

You know already what happens every time I go to Almeda. I never go home empty handed.

This happened.

Stella McCartney and Tom Ford sunglasses


Tom Ford


Stella McCartney

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!


Top: H&M  ||  Skirt: Uniqlo  ||  Mules: Zara  ||  Bag: Hermes Birkin  ||  Willow Jewelry