I hate it when people tell me I lost weight. I have been hearing that phrase quite a lot lately. Even Dad told me when he saw me.

Guys, I know I look like I lost weight. It’s because I did.

It has something to do with my hormones and my menopausal. I don’t have the appetite to eat recently. This happens every once in awhile when my hormones are going crazy. But I know I’ll gain it back. (I hope)

This menopausal, I tell you. It’s making my life difficult. Even my O. B. Gyn is confused about my symptoms. She probably thinks I’m oa. I don’t know anymore how to explain to her and how to make her believe me. She said I should not be feeling any symptoms anymore cause it has been so long already. I really don’t know what’s going on anymore.

It’s not as bad as before. The symptoms are milder now. But I still have it.

Just when I decided not to shoot the sun came out today. The whole day. One sunny day wasted! ughhhh.

I went to do some errands around lunch time. I went around looking for some stuff for our kitchen. We had our kitchen renovated about 2 months ago and now it’s done. So, I went around today looking for some stuff that we need. This is the part I like the most! Lols. Claudia is more excited than I am because this is her project. I’ll try to post some photos when it’s really done.

I chatted with my brothers (Atlanta and Cebu) this morning (in our chat room in Viber). Actually, we touch base every day. One of the few things I look forward to daily. Because… first, we laugh a lot. Second, it’s fun being connected and updating with them on a daily basis. Third, it feels like I’m back home. Fourth, it’s called family.

Can you believe it’s the week end again? How can that be? Next thing we know Christmas will be around the corner! Sometimes it scares me. I am not ready for anything yet.

Are you?