One of the busiest Monday to date.

I made my to do list last night and I kinda expected that today will be a manic Monday. After drinking my coffee I began my day.

  • book my flight to Cebu. Yes. I’m going to fly to Cebu this weekend. It’s Dads birthday
  • book my hotel accommodation
  • called and had a meeting with my goldsmith
  • take photos (ootd and some jewelries that I need to ship)
  • engrave some orders (only to find out our engraver is day off today. ughhh)
  • banking stuff
  • Vinny came back from Tokyo last Saturday and he bought a new Ipad. He gave me his old ipad. Installing my new Ipad. Mom will get my old Ipad.
  • etc., etc., etc….

some of the orders to be shipped


Top: Zara  ||  Denim skirt: Zara  ||  Mules: H&M  ||  Bag: Dior Saddle Bag  ||  Willow Jewelry