Jesus Christ.

I have been so busy, stressed and harassed the past weeks. I shouldn’t have launched Shades of Ms. T and our Cameo Pendant necklace 1 week apart.

On top of that, I filed our Japanese Visa application forms and it’s such a hassle. I mean it added to my stress. We are going to Tokyo and Kyoto this coming Holy Week. Claudia is the one taking care of our airline and hotel bookings and I took care of our visa application. (I appreciate the fact that now I have someone to help me out. Not like before when my kids were small I had to do everything).

This time we are applying for multiple entries. Every time we go to Japan we only get single entry and we go to Japan once or twice a year so applying Japanese Visa has become redundant and tiresome. With all the documents needed… ughhhh. It can be stressful, you know.


The other day Claudia asked me if I have already the Lip Crayons of Chanel. What? Chanel has Lip Crayons? I did not know that. I checked online and true enough Chanel came out with Lip Crayons (I don’t know exactly when it came out).

Claudia said Mom, it’s sooo nice. Yeah, it is really nice. And to think Claudia rarely puts on lipstick. For her to say that it must be really nice and I need to have it.

So, I went to Chanel counter in Rustan’s and luckily they have it in stock.

I allowed my self to relapsed and went makeup shopping. 1. because I have to have those lip crayons. 2. one of our helpers went home and before she went home she went shopping in my makeup drawers (where I stock the makeup that I haven’t used yet) and stole a lot of my high-end makeup. Mostly Chanel and NARS.

So, here it is.


Chanel Jumbo Longwear Crayons

They came out with 9 shades. And you know me I love nudes. So, I only picked up the nude shades.

I decided to pick up some single eyeshadows ‘cos I really love the formula of their single eyeshadows. It is pigmented, blends out easily, doesn’t crease and it is long wear. And also I am into nudes and natural shades recently (eye makeup & blush) and I have been wearing my bronzers as eye makeup so I needed more browns in my stash.

Chanel Longwear Powder Eyeshadow

24 Chocolate Brown

22 Visone

10 Flesh

One of the makeup that my helper stole that I felt so bad about is my NARS Orgasm Liquid Blush. Actually, it was because of this why I found out that she stole my makeup. I was looking for this blush and I wanted to put it aside already and bring it with me to Cebu. It has been with me since last year and has not used it yet. So, I thought I’ll just give it to my good friend Jing since I am not using it and she really likes this blush. But it was no longer in my NARS drawer. I started to panic and checked all my drawers. I found out I had a lot missing. Especially in my Chanel and NARS drawers.

After I was done in Chanel counter I went to NARS to check their new foundation the Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation that everyone is so noisy about. I happen to ask the SA in NARS if they have the Orgasm Liquid Blush. She said yes, we still have it in stock. So, aside from the foundation, I decided to get a new bottle of the Orgasm Liquid Blush.


NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

I usually get 2 shades everytime I buy a foundation (to get my perfect skin tone).

Vallauris and Huahine

Huahine is very dark but I am going to use this to warm the perimeter of my face.

NARS Liquid Blush

I also picked up 1 shade of their new lipstick

NARS  Lip Cover in Under Arrest

Laura Mercier has new shades of their Caviar Eye sticks in matte that I couldn’t pass up. Like I said I’m looking for nudes and natural shades of eye makeup.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Au Naturel and Caramel

I love the new packaging of their Caviar sticks! Feels so luxurious.

Oh, by the way. NARS gave me a giveaway. Love it.

A compact mirror and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard

Chanel also gave me some giveaway samples. But I forgot to take pictures. They gave me samples of their CC Cream and samples of their Chanel No. 5 L’Eau perfume.

It’s all about the giveaways!