I woke up to the wild frenzy of the result of the election. I was waiting for my cousin (Jojo White)(my favorite cousin)(shout out) (lol) to update me with the result of the election in Dad’s hometown. A cousin of ours (Lani Peña) ran for mayor and a nephew (Rajiv Enad) ran for councilor. They both won. Actually, my cousin is the incumbent Mayor and he got re-elected.


Another candidate that I have been watching is the husband of my good friend Keri Zamora. Francis (Keri’s husband) ran for Mayor in San Juan and he won, too!


I’m so happy with the result. Altho’ I am still crossing my fingers with the senatorial lineup. I hope Bong Revilla will not make it to the top 12. As of press time he is #10. Yikes.

God, please help our country from these scumbags.

This morning I went to my supplier to pick up some pearls for my client. God, it was super hot. I went home asap after I picked it up. I did not want to be out in the heat any minute longer.

I rarely go out but when I do the heat is just unbearable. The only time I will go out is my random lunches with the kids. Otherwise, I will not waste my time.

I guess it’s a good thing that I work from home (except when I go to my supplier to pick up materials for orders)(like today). I have the luxury of home while working! So, I better shut up and stop complaining. hahaha

It’s the height of summer and I want to get out of Manila already. Soon. I can’t wait.



Playsuit: F21  //  Slides: Zara  //  Bag: Chanel  //  Sunglasses: Celine  //  Willow Jewelry