Yesterday was a little crazy for me. Not my usual ordinary day. Only because I was running from one place to another.

It started with going to S&R at 10:00 am to pick up wee wee pad for Kuro (it’s only in S&R where you can buy it in boxes). I also have a few things that I needed there and a few things that I don’t need but ended up in my cart anyway.

When I got home Aiza complained: nasaan ang ulo ng mop ko Madam? (it was in the list she gave me). I told her you cannot just buy the head of the mop alone. You have to buy also the handle! We will end up with a lot of mop handles.

And Jake (who pushes my cart when I do my grocery) (who has cough and colds now) said: Maam pwede mo ako bili ng orange juice kasi ang sama talaga ng panglasa ko ngayon. Magaling yun mam sa sipon ko.

I told him: O, sige pili ka dyn anong orange juice gusto mo.

And he goes, yung doon sa may gulayan mam may fresh orange juice dun. Yun ang magaling talaga Maam.

I nearly fainted. He wants freshly squeeze orange juice. jeez Louise.

After S&R I had to run home, unload my grocery and pick up Claudia cos we were going to have lunch. Her driver just dropped her where her seminar was so she doesn’t have a ride.

It’s a good thing her seminar was just in RCBC Plaza which was just 5 mins away from me.

When we got to Wholesome Table (Salcedo branch) Vito was there already. As always we had such a good time together. You already know I always have fun with my loves. They’re the best talaga. Always makes mommy happy.

After lunch, I ran to my eye doctor for my appointment. I have this mild headache for a long time now. Maybe 3 weeks and it had become bothersome. It’s just a mild headache but you know its there. When it becomes heavy I drink Advil. But lately, even if I drink Advil it doesn’t go away.

My suspicion is my eyes. I have a feeling my grade went up. I stopped using my contact lens for many years now. And every time I go out I don’t use my prescription glasses for distance  (for the sake of vanity)(lol). So if you see me out and I won’t recognize you then you know already the reason. That’s because I cannot see from afar.

And I also have a feeling my reading glasses have gone high too.

True enough my doctor said my astigmatism went up. Like really up that I need a specialized kind of lens. And the more I got shocked when I heard the prize. Holy sh*t!

I don’t have a choice but to order my new upgraded lens for both my distance and my reading glasses.

I hope my headache will go away already with my new prescription glasses. If not then there must be something else and I have to go see Dr. Wenceslao (my primary Doctor).


Top: Gucci  //  Sweat Shorts: Polo by Ralph Lauren  //  Sneakers: Chrsitian Dior  //  Bag: Christian Dior  //  Sunglasses: MiuMiu