We are getting closer to the big day. And everyday there is always something going on. It’s making me more nervous.

Last Sunday I went to the first fitting of my gown and I love it. It is really important that you trust your designer. This is my first time to try Patrice (Diaz) (designer of my gown). She is a good friend and I’ve seen her work. When she agreed to make my gown the only thing I told her was I want less skin exposure. I want to be “mother of the groom extraordinaire”. Elegant, simple but avant garde.

Patrice took it from there.

This coming weekend is my second fitting and I swear to god my heart is in my throat already. I hope I won’t be a wreck. I want to be cool, calm and collected when the day comes. But I doubt it. Hahaha.

All my friends are telling me to use waterproof mascara or everything should be waterproof. They know I easily cry.

I just need to practice crying looking up, or else I wouldn’t know where to pick up my false eyelashes. Lol!

Yesterday we had lunch with one their ninongs and his wife. He is also Vinny’s ninong in his baptism and he’s like family to us. Vinny just wanted to formally give them their invitation and to formally introduce Franny to them.

I don’t want small talk anymore. I can’t wait.

Top: Ralph Lauren // Wide Legged Pants: Zara // Shoes: Gucci // Bag: Christian Dior // Willow Jewelry