When I woke up this morning the sky was very dark and gloomy. Looks like it’s going to rain anytime soon. I just know it.

My day started with a cup of coffee as usual. Check email. Scroll Instagram. Check Facebook. While enjoying my coffee.

And my morning call with Mom.

I have a few things lined up today. And I hate it if I go out and it rains. First, my hair gets frizzy and second I don’t want my shoes wet.

The only thing I like when it rains is I get to wear my jackets!

True enough a few minutes after it started to rain. ughhh…

The rain was on and off while I was doing errands. It was not that bad. Jonathan (driver) was very quick with the umbrella everytime I go out of the car.

While I was in the car I was reading something and there was a line that I read that got stuck in my mind the whole day: “she survived whatever happened; she forgave; she became.”


Inner Tshirt: Forever 21  ||  Jacket: Moussy  ||  White Jeans: Zara  ||  Shoes: Gucci Princetown Leather Slippers  ||  Bag: Hermes Kelly  ||  Willow Jewelry


a lot of my friends are asking who cut my hair. I went to my favorite salon, Ones Salon in Prince Plaza in  De la Rosa St. corner Legaspi St. (across Greenbelt 5). My hairstylist is Salve Ones, the owner of the salon. So, when you go there just ask for Salve.