Early morning last Sept. 25 I received a text from Vinny that freaked me out.

I was thinking wth is going on. My heart was pounding hard when I saw the 3 dots on my phone signaling that Vinny was typing back. I was dying inside while waiting for his reply.

He sent me this photo.

The first thing that went into my mind was “why did he pee on a pregnancy test?” And that was because I was freaking out. It took me a few seconds to finally get it. And I replied

*dia is Claudia*

Can you imagine the anxiety I was feeling inside? Bottling the good news and I’m not allowed to tell anyone? Not even Claudia. I felt like I was going crazy…

I was the first person Vinny told about it. Just for the record.

So, I just waiting pretending I didn’t know anything and waited for Vinny’s go signal.

The next thing I heard about this little secret we had was when Vinny sent me this picture a few weeks after.

I’ve heard a lot from people who said that having a grandchild is different. Your love for your grandchild will surpass the love for your own child. But I never believed it. Because I am so in love with my kids. I love my kids more than life itself. I can’t imagine loving anyone more than I love my kids.

But when I saw this picture, this tiny dot I was overwhelmed with love. Like it was love at first sight. Like I was so in love with this tiny dot. Like I love this tiny dot so much already.

I still wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. Vinny told me to wait until a few more weeks or after the first trimester. But after a few weeks, Vinny told me I can already tell my Mom and Dad and my close friends. But no social media posts. I have to wait for them to post first then I am allowed to post. lol.

So I called my Mom right away and told her the good news. She was so happy but she made a comment that made me laugh out loud, ” sus Tina, si Nana mag patiliwa na sad na. Sya na sad ang mag buot sa tanan!” – Nana will be the star of the show again. For sure. LOL.

Then my Mom told my Dad and so from then on every day, every day every time I talk to Mom I could hear Dad talking in the background asking me about the new baby. Wth, Dad, it’s just a dot. Nothing much has changed.

I told a few of my really close friends. And we were all so happy and excited about it. In secret. hahahaha.

So we waited. Franny by this time was already feeling “morning sickness” and it would freak Vinny out (you know how it is with first-time parents). He would call me middle of the night, early morning telling me that Franny is puking or feeling bad or doesn’t like to eat. So I had to explain to him that it’s normal for the first trimester. I told him to just leave Franny alone and let her be. Because he was smothering her and Franny was kinda irritated.

Yesterday morning Vinny sent me a video after coming from their doctor’s monthly check-up.

This time he sent me a video and my baby was actually moving. Moving.

This time my baby is much bigger. It was so surreal but nice (to quote Julia Roberts in the movie Nottingham).

(The picture is a little bit hazy cos I just screenshot this from the video)

And again I asked Vinny if I can post it na and he said “not yet Mom. I’ll tell you when. Let us be the one to post first.” I said Okay!

After 2 hours or so he texted me and said: “you can post na.”

I got shocked cos I thought they won’t tell anyone yet. I was soooo excited that when I posted the video on Instagram and Facebook I was literally shaking.

Both Franny and Vinny posted this photo on their respective accounts on Instagram

awww… they’re so cute! A picture of a happy and excited couple. Vinny’s birthday is Dec. 20 so he said it is the best Christmas and birthday gift ever.

I am going to be a Mommy again! How cool is that?