I woke up really bad today. I had a headache, tummy ache (from acid reflux), body pains, bad mood, grouchy and hungry.

This is my 4th day without sugar. And I am sugar withdrawing.

Last Monday you all know I went to my OB-GYN for the reading of my blood work (spec 23).

My Doctor decided to have my blood check last week ‘cos I have been having UTI on and off the whole year (and part of last year). She would put me on antibiotics and after a week it would come back. It became so bad that she put me on a stronger antibiotic for 10 days and after that, she requested for blood work done.

So, last Monday she told me the result came in and it was bad. She said my blood sugar is very high, my cholesterol is very high, and so is my BP. And I needed to see an Endocrinologist asap. She instructed her secretary to book me an appointment with an Endocrinologist right away and told her to please tell the secretary of Dr. Aragon (Endocrinologist) that if Mrs. Tagle won’t show up for her appointment to let us know.

Wow. She is serious.

“Tina, I am not joking you this is emergency. You need to see this Doctor. ‘cos if not it will affect your other organs and you will have kidney failure and you will have to have dialysis.”

“Sobra ka naman Doc, hindi naman siguro.”

“No, listen to me. I have to scare you so you will go to the Doctor.”

“I will, I will Doc.”

“If something will happen to you Cecile will get angry at me and will blame me for not taking care of you!” *She’s Cecile’s (Chuvaness) bestfriend.

The following day, I went to my appointment with Dr. Jimmy Aragon, my Endocrinologist. When he saw my blood result he was very cool. He asked me my medical history blah, blah, blah. He told me I have Diabetes 2 and told me to stop all forms of sugar.  Meaning sweets & carbs, asap. Put me on medication for my blood sugar, high cholesterol, and high blood. And told me to exercise. Then he said to come back on Feb. 13, 2018, but before you come back have your blood work done. And gave me a request.

F*ck. I am now officially a senior.

First day of medication and off sugar I was okay. I told myself: “omg, this is so easy!”

Today is my 4th day off sugar and carbs and I am f*ucking climbing walls.

  1. the medication is giving me acid f*ucking reflux
  2. I have headache 24 hours a day
  3. I am dizzy
  4. hungry every 5 minutes
  5. irritable
  6. I want to kill everyone

I called Mom and told her I will stop this f*ucking medication. “I cannot take it. It’s making me more sick mom!”

Mom panicked and she said, “No, no, no, don’t stop your medication Tin! Call your Doctor and let him know.” I said, “it’s Saturday Mom, where in hell will I look for him?” 

So, I decided to stop my medication yesterday. I ate something sweet for breakfast.

This is do or die for me already. I rebelled. I was a rebel without a cause. hahaha. In short, I was being a bad girl. Mom kept on checking on me the whole day. How I was feeling, etc., etc.

By mid-afternoon, I did not have headache anymore. My acid reflux was gone. I was still feeling tired and weak. But at least I was no longer in pain. Ang Sakit kaya ng sikmura ko. I can’t even walk straight.

Mom told me to observe what I feel and not to forget to go back to my Doctor next week.


Merry f*cking christmas.


and yet again, my apology for all the F words. Just keeping it real.