OMG. The heat the past days is something else. It seems like it’s getting hotter every year after year. My gay friend posted on Facebook: ang init!!!! Mas maiinit pa sa singit ni satanas!!! I died laughing.

Anyway, I just stayed home the whole weekend. I was supposed to have lunch with Roxanne yesterday but it was just too hot to go out and besides Roxanne couldn’t wake up and slept the whole day.

I was also supposed to attend Chuvaness’ birthday party in xx xx (20/20) last night. She imported some DJ’s to spin but I was not able to go ‘cos I had a terrible headache. I saw some pictures Keri (Zamora) posted on Instagram and it looked like they had so much fun last night. Shoots. I missed out on this one. I need to call Cecile and say sorry for not showing up last night. I’m sure she’s pissed at me.

Some of you here asked me why I haven’t updated Rhian Stories. Mom doesn’t have any stories that are funny enough to write lately. If there are I forget to write about it. Except for one when last Saturday Mom ended up bringing her to church with her ‘cos when Mom left she would not stop crying (‘cos she wanted to go).

Dagko kaayo ug luha Tin!” – Her tears were so big! LOL.

Anyway, my good friend Marion Osmeña who lives in Florida went home to Cebu for vacation and she brought Rhian plenty of chocolates and gummy bears (her favorite). Rhian’s Papa went to pick it up and he brought Rhian with him.

Marion didn’t know that Rhian was coming, she told me, “I saw this little girl wearing a pink crown walking towards me and I freaked out! I did not expect to see Rhian! I was so happy.”

She picked up Rhian right away and carried her. Good thing Rhian let her go near her ‘cos Rhian is so shy and won’t talk to strangers.

Marion with Rhian

Thanks, Tita Marion for the goodies! – Rhian

I rescheduled my trip to Cebu. My original flight was supposed to be April 27 -30, but I decided to move it because 1. it fell on Chuvaness’ birthday party (April 28). I promised her I would go (I ended up not going). Yes, I know. I feel so guilty. 2. Mom said it’s not the right time to go home ‘cos it’s so freaking hot in Cebu now. She told me you might end up not going out and will just stay in the hotel. So, I moved it end of May. Hopefully, it won’t be that hot at that time. But I doubt it.

Oh, well.

The kids and I (except Vito. He’s in Hongkong) had our Sunday lunch in Tsukiji.


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