I wonder what those people who tried to tear me down a few months ago feel now. I mean, really.

What do they feel now? How are they? (I bet they’re still stalking me)

Are they happy? Are they sad? Are they contented with their lives now? Do they feel triumphant?

Did they become rich? Did they loose weight? Did they become any prettier?

Do they have peace of mind? Do they feel blessed? Is life any better for them?

I wonder what happened to them now.

Aside from they got nothing out of it, they just wasted their precious time.

‘Cos life goes on for me…

Susan, Annie, Melissa/May, Lou, Myka.

Anyway, I finished running my errands around 12:30nn and I got caught in the Friday traffic and they crossed my mind.

How are they?


Top: Hanes // Jeans: Zara // Mules: Zara // Bag: Chanel // Willow Jewelry