I always, always have fun going home to Cebu. Visiting my parents and I get to see my closest friends and my cousins.

That’s why when I went back to Manila yesterday afternoon it was bittersweet (happens all the time every time I go back to Manila). Happy that I will be back with my kids and sad that I’ll leave mom and dad.

My flight was not actually delayed (yay, Cebu Pacific!) We boarded on time but we could not fly right away due to traffic in the runaway. To cut the long story short I got home past 8:00 pm (traffic in Makati was horrendous).

Anyway, on my last day, me, Mom and Dad, and my brother (Ryan) just hang out in my hotel room. I was so tired from yesterdays long trip to the farm and the celebration of my cousin’s birthday. I could not stand up the next morning! My whole body was aching!!! (lol) You know what that’s called. hahahahaha.

So, we decided to just stay in my room and just ordered room service for lunch (in Tin Gow) (Dad’s favorite) and basically stayed in the room the whole day.

I will never exchange this for anything in the world. My time with mom and dad. Altho mom is not in the picture cos she was the one who took the pic! lol!

Me and Dad 

Anyway, I really loved the hot chocolate that my cousin prepared for me to pair with the puto (sticky rice)(for non-Bisaya friends).

this is what you call batirol. This is where you cook the hot chocolate

I remembered my Lola Anas cos she always has this and she makes hot chocolate for us. This brings a lot of my childhood. So, I told Dad to look for one for me to bring to Manila (sold in the market) and my cousin ordered me the best “tablea” (raw cacao chocolate).

I tried cooking it early this morning! (you have to keep on stirring the pot with that wooden thing)

the finished product!

Aiza gave me the look cos I messed up her kitchen! hahahhahaha

Glad to be back home but I missed my dad and mom. I feel so lucky and blessed I still have them both.