The best way to beat the summer heat is to go where it is hottest the most. And that is the beach. We decided to spend our Holy Week in Apulit Island Resort in El Nido, Palawan.

We left Tuesday and came back Easter Sunday.  5 days under the heat of the sun. woooh.

But how do you prepare for the beach that long? What do you need to bring? How do you protect yourself from the sun? These are just some questions that I thought of before we left.

First, you need to be armed with all the spf’s in the world. Face and body. I brought everything that I have in my closet


Second, 1 million bathing suits. No repeats allowedIMG_1220

Third, oil. For face, body and hair (moisturize 24/7)IMG_1224

Fourth, the widest brim hats you can findIMG_1215

Fifth, 1 million shades. Again, no repeats allowed.IMG_1222

And while walking barefoot in the beach you have to smell good… my favorite summer scents (for the beach)IMG_1227

How to go to Apulit Resort:

1 hour flight from Manila to El Nido, Palawan via Air Swift. From El Nido airport, 2 hours ride (El Nido van) to Taytay. 1 hour boat ride from Taytay to Apulit Resort.IMG_0960

After 1 hour boat ride from Taytay, this is what you see before reaching the island.IMG_5616IMG_0968IMG_5618IMG_5620

Like they do in all resorts, you will be greeted by the Manager and the staff.

With a song and dance number while sipping the pineapple juice they serve you the minute you dock.

IMG_0971Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 3

Welcome to Apulit Island Resort!


We arrived in the island around 11:30am. We went straight to the dining area and had lunch.

We checked the rooms right away after pigging out in the lunch buffet. Claudia & I were roomies (she’s always my roommate). When Vito and Claudia were toddlers they would always fight who gets to sleep beside Mommy.  So, what I do is I alternate them.

But not anymore now that they’re adults. Girls have to room together.


I don’t want to complain about the accommodation. Ever since we went to Maldives we have set the bar high and it will be unfair if I compare. I just wish that they will make their bathrooms bigger.

After getting settled in our rooms, Claudia and I changed to our bathing suits, asap.


and tried to get on the ‘basket’ kayakIMG_0988

while Vinny and Franny (gf) went strolling by the beachIMG_0994

My favorite spots in the island


My favorite scenes

I saw Vinny and Franny one morning on their way to have breakfast. I told them: stop! I’ll take your picture.

Mom: love your shirt Vin

Vinny: ha? matagal na ‘to

Mom: Really? Now lang I see you wearing it. How long have you had it?

Vinny: 3 weeks


Me & Ronnel. Our favorite staff there. Employee of the Year Award


Right before we hopped on the boat to go to Isla Blanca


Vinny’s phone never stopped ringing the whole time we were there. Working while on vacation


Hammock. In the beach. The bestest best thing in the world.


I have been doing this ever since Vito was a baby. Spraying sun block on his back. Glad that up to now I am still the one. Btw, nice shorts Vito.

“Mom, stop taking photos of my butt!”


I fell asleep and woke up with ant bites. This is the time and place where even if ants are feasting on your body, it’s still fun.


the way to our rooms


“Kuya, kuhaan mo nga ako ng picture”

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Si kuya is a sweeper (taga walis) in the beach. And he takes better photos than Joshua.

“Kuya, gusto mong sumama sa akin sa Manila?”


Isla Blanca

a small island right across Apulit Island Resort. 45 minutes boat ride (maybe less)


Island goddesses (jk)



Claudia: Mom, you’re a large stop insisting you’re a medium. Your boobs are popping out!

When Claudia tried rappelling…

the briefing


the ascend


this is the part where she decided she didn’t want to die yet. hahahaha. Halfway up she backed out.

and Viola!

Let’s just all pretend she rappelled all the way down. I’m still proud of her.


Our last night. Dinner by the beach


she will always be my baby… maski pa wine wine na sya before dinner


and this one, too. Beer pa more.IMG_1197

Claudia asked me when we got home: “Mom, did you have fun?”

Hell, yeah.