I continued looking for stuff for our newly renovated kitchen. That was my main agenda today.

I dropped by H&M Home and checked their stuff. There was a lot of nice stuff that I liked!

  • aprons. I bought for our cook and her assistant. I also bought a denim one for Claudia.
  • hand towels. I love them. Altho' Claudia doesn't like the material 'cos it's not absorbent enough for her. But I like it
  • table runner. Love it.
  • basket for Schumi's towels (for the pool)
  • rug for the table in our set in the lanai
  • wooden trays. Love it
  • kitchen decors
  • holder for laddles. I have been looking for something like this 'cos I hate it when I'm cooking and I don't know where to put the laddle or kitchen utensils. I don't want to be holding it all the time and I don't want to put it on the counter top either.
  • etc., etc., etc…

I'll show everything I bought when I post pictures of our kitchen (with our cook and her assistant modeling their new aprons! 😂😂😂).

I'm not quite done yet I still in need to buy stools for our kitchen island and silver garbage cans. After that, I should be done.

Quick OOTD

Top: bought in a vintage store in NY  ||  Skirt: H&M  ||  Mules: Zara  ||  Watch: Klarf  ||  Sunglasses: bought it online (no brand)  ||  Bag: Zara  ||  Tibetan Beads Necklace  ||  Tibetan Beads Bracelets  ||  Willow Jewelry Heart Earrings