This is a movie review

I rarely watch Hollywood movies. I usually watch international movies. In 2016 I got hooked on Indian movies (Punjabi). Last year and early this year I have been watching European movies (French, British, Danish) and a few movies from New Zealand.

It’s just what I like.

These are the movies that I’ve watched and liked lately:

If you don’t like subtitles these movies are not for you. Except for the British and Scottish movies (Story of a Monster, Retribution, and Top of the Lake).

Last week I started watching this film shot in a small town in Denmark entitled: Rita. 

This film is about a 40-ish woman named Rita. She has 3 kids and is a teacher in a public school in one of the small town in Denmark.

I fell in love with Rita, the character. I found so many traits of Rita that is similar to mine.

  • a fighter
  • stand for what she believes is right
  • loves her kids
  • a fun person
  • passionate about her job
  • a true friend
  • intense in everything she does
  • gorgeous (lol)

But there are some of her traits that I don’t like.

  • her sex life
  • smokes a lot
  • her outfit ( she wears the same style all throughout the movie)
  • kinda fu*k up (but its something I like about her)

This film has 4 seasons and each season has 8 episodes. On season 2 I was already walking like Rita (lol). Not only was I walking like her, I was acting like her (lol). That’s how obsessed I am.

I started watching this film mid last week and I finished it the other day. And I couldn’t stop thinking about Rita. I started missing her (me: I miss Rita. Claudia: you’re weird).

I tried to move on and look for another movie I can watch. But there’s nothing I like. I just want Rita. I know I sound creepy, but it is what it is.

Hindi ako maka move on.