If you have been reading me for a long time you know I do my weekly grocery every Monday. When the kids were still small I used to go every Saturday because everyone do grocery every weekends. But I learned my lesson. I discovered that it’s more convenient to do it on a week day. Especially in the morning. Everyone is in the office so you get the whole place to yourself therefore no long lines in the cashier! I am so smart! lol.

So, yesterday I went to the grocery. And everytime I go I never miss going inside Healthy Option (yes, there is Healthy Options inside Rustan’s grocery (Ayala branch)) And that’s my second best place on earth. Hahaha.

I really didn’t need anything there. I just love to tinker around and check what’s new. Sometimes I get lucky and sometimes I don’t.

Yesterday, I was lucky! I had tons of finds and I want to share it with you.

Body Lotions

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Hand & Body lotion Cocoa Butter

I discovered this brand the first time I went to Hawaii. I saw it in Longs Drug Store (their local CVS). I love the scent of this it smells like you just came from the beach. That’s why I am so happy that Healthy Options carry this. Rustan’s carry this too but not all the time.

Jâsön Cocoa Butter

Jâsön brand believes in the power of natural ingredients to improve everyday wellness. They are the pioneers of safer, wholesome personal care and they continue to harness the earths bounty of botanicals and essentials from blends that refresh and restore. Wellnes is their second nature, and it has been since 1959.

Derma E Jasmine & Vanilla Hydrating Shea Body Lotion

This is infused with Jasmine flower extract, vanilla fruit extract and vit. E. This is lightweight and fast absorbing and provides hydration. Shea butter helps to replenish skin’s natural moisture.


Botaneco Garden Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil

Replenishes Nutrient & Enhances hair shine. Formulated with botanical ingredients and enhanced with 100% eco-certified organic oil from Morocco and extra virgin oil from Spain.

Botaneco Garden Trio Oil

Formulated with botanical ingredients and enhanced with 100% eco-certified oils. Babassu oil from Latin America, Baobab oil from Africa, Chufa oil from France.

Enriched with calendula extract, Botaneco Garden smooth & silky shampoo provides up to 5 moisturizing ingredients to help smooth hair.

Real Aloe

A perfect for intense scalp relief, repair and rejuvenation. Now with even more organic and natural ingredients, this formula will gently clean and penetrate the scalp without harsh chemicals or soaps.

Ahalo Butter Shampoo and Treatment

Ahalo Butter and treatment is a miraculous botanical butter to the ladies of the world. Now is the time to regain your “Ahalo”

Enriched with Shea and Coconut Butters, Raw Keratin and Hyaluronic Acid, the hair mask ensures that vital moisture is replenished to dry scalps and silkiness is restored to tresses for a soft, shiny and healthy-looking finish.

Jâsön Soothing Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel

Recently I read in an article that aloe vera is not only good for the hair but also very good for facial moisturizer. A few days later I saw this. Of course it went straight to my basket.

Aloe Vera moisturizing gel nurture your skin back to its original healthy looking happy feeling best. The concentrated Aloe Vera Gel instantly soothes dry, irritated, sun damaged skin while nourishing allantoin and pro vitamin B5 replenish and recondition

p.s.s. I used this together with my WildLeaf products and it is very good. Everyone noticed my glowing and dewey healthy looking skin. I bought this last week and have been using it for a week already. And everytime I facetime Marivic (my good friend in London) she would stare at me and ask me “what did you to your skin?” You look so youthful! So, when I went to Healthy Options yesterday I hoarded. Hello.

p.s.s I never recommend products that I don’t like. All these products I have tried and love it.

By the way, the Botaneco Garden I got it in Rustan’s grocery and the Ahalo Butter Shampoo and treatment I got it in S&R. The rest I got it Healthy Options.


Top: Calvin Klein // Camo pants: H&M // Shoes: Zara // bag: Chanel // Willow Jewelry