The other day I went to Almeda Optical Shop to put lens (for distance) on this new frame that I bought recently.

Big frames are so in now (they have been since last year).

I stopped wearing contacts (I used to wear contacts when I go out) and have been wearing eye glasses now. Sometimes I don’t, so if you see me and wave at me and I don’t wave back that means I didn’t see you. Lol.

Anyway, when I was in Almeda I saw some sunglasses that I like. I tell you everytime I go inside this shop it’s impossible for me to leave without buying something.

Of course, I have to justify these purchases. I know I have a lot of sunglasses already but hey, it’s Mother’s day I owe myself a gift.

And besides being Mother’s day, I have been feeling down the past few days (or weeks)(ever since we got back from Tokyo). I need something to pick myself up. I saw my Doctor second week of April and he told me it could be nicotine withdrawal. I’m kinda feeling better now I just don’t want to deal with anything as of the moment.

Actually, I can’t wait to go home to Cebu. I am booked already (May 24 to 28) (yay!). I’ve postponed this trip thrice and I’m excited to be with Mom and Dad and everyone back home.

I digress.

Anyway, my kids have been asking me what I want for Mother’s day, I told them nothing. Like really, do I really want anything? No. I told Vinny to just give me flowers but he said, flowers again?

So, I bought myself a gift for Mother’s day.



(I have been looking for square framed Rayban)

Happy Mother’s day to me.