The minute I woke up (Saturday) (I arrived Friday lunchtime) I received a message from my cousin Jojo white looking for me and said he is already waiting to have breakfast. Not only that he posted a photo on FB:

I took a shower hurriedly when I saw the pictures and went straight to their house. And the eating begins…

while I was busy eating, mom and my auntie Inday (who is like my second mother) started their chismiss session

After breakfast, we all convoyed to my cousins’ farm in Sibonga (we also had a farm there but Dad sold ours) where we (all my father side cousins spent our summers together since we were small). It was the birthday of my cousin Ramon (who is based in Houston) (and who is just the head Director of Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston)(lol) and he came home to celebrate his birthday.

Oh, god. I was feeling very nostalgic cos I haven’t been back on the farm since I graduated high school. Can you imagine what a sweet homecoming for me? I spent all my summers on our farm which was just beside my cousins’ farm.

Sibonga is kinda far maybe about 2 hours (I’m not sure) so I kept taking selfies to pass time cos it was a long trip. Until Mom told me to stop. lol!

Mom and me

entrance to the farm

relaxing and chilling begins…

and the chismiss session continued…

while my cousin and his people were busy preparing for the party

I took some pictures of my cousins Le Creuset collection. His collection is the most huge Le Creuset collection I have ever seen in my lifeHis wine cooler my cousin Don Ramon and me during lunch

this is what we have for lunch crabs and adobong pusit


Party was ready at 5 pm and before guests arrived I managed to take some pics of the food

and the lechon from Carcar arrived!

I definitely had so much fun! with the food, seeing my cousins again the only downside is there is no signal in the farm which freaked me out a bit. I have never had any signal that long ever and I was anxious that I am incommunicado that long and my kids might be looking for me!

Other than that all went well and it was a good break from the city!

Happy birthday Don Ramon (my term of endearment for him) !!!!