I have been asked how I take care of my hair cos considering my age I still have nice and silky hair. You see your hair will grow old with you. I always tell Cladia when she was in high school to take care of her hair cos your hair will also grow old as time goes by. And I remember specifically she replied to me, “please don’t scare me, mom.”

But it’s true.

I take good care of my hair. I am very particular with the shampoos I used cos I have frizzy and wavy hair. So I need to use a good shampoo. If you have been reading me from way back I used to talk about the shampoos I use. I shampoo my hair every 3 days. Shampooing your hair every day is very bad. I use dry shampoo on days that it’s not yet time to shampoo my hair.

I have been using this brand for many years already. It’s available only in the US (CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reed, etc.). I always hoard on this product every time I go to the US. Last time I was in NYC I bought 5 cans. (and if I ran out I ask my friends in the US to buy for me)

My hair loves this. It works for me. If you want to use this try it first cos it might not work for you.

I like this cos it doesn’t leave white residue on my hair and it smells so good.

I don’t go to salons for hair treatments. I never do hair treatments. The only thing I do is Brazilian blow dry. I have suki that do home service for a Brazilian blow-dry. I only do this once a year. It makes my hair less wavy and soft.

But the special care that I do with my hair is I used the best hair tools. I use top of the line hair tools. Yes, it’s expensive but it is worth it and it saves me money from doing hair treatments (I think).

What hair tools do I use?

Let’s start with a hair blower. The hair blower I have been using for about 4/5 years now is Dyson hair blower.

this is the best blower I have ever tried. I’m sure some of you are using this and I know you’ll agree with me. It is expensive but in the long run, it will save you money cos it will not damage your hair and it saves you time. It only takes a few minutes to fully dry your hair.

I also use hair iron. Since I have wavy and frizzy hair, after drying I need to iron my hair. And the hair iron that I use is this

 GHD Original Professional Styler

this is the top of the line when it comes to hair iron. I have been using this brand for many years also (in fact this is already my second ghd hair iron). This is only available in Europe and online. Marivic (my friend from London) buys this for me cos it’s cheaper there. And yes this is expensive.

But this will not damage your hair and it’s fast to use.

With my Dyson hairdryer and my ghd hair iron, I am already contented with these tools. These are the only tools that I use.

But sometime last week, while I was watching a video of someone that I follow on YouTube, reviewed the new Dyson Air Wrap. And holy sh*t! I went crazy. I needed to have it!!!

This girl that I follow on YouTube (for many years now) lives in Marbella Spain. And I was freaking out ‘cos I did not know where to purchase it. I did not know if it was available here.

So I checked Amazon and I found it!

I scratched the price cos it is expensive and I don’t want my haters to start hating again (altho I really can’t control them).

I posted it on IG and FB and I was happy I did cos a lot of my followers on IG told me that it is available in Dyson Podium, Rustan’s (where I bought my blower) and Dyson GB 5. My follower who got hers (the first time it came out) got it very expensive. She got it at 35k. Holy cow! Amazon’s price is 28k. Then I later found out from another follower that she got hers in Rustan’s at 29.5k only.

Then I started thinking. Wait, Amazon might be a little cheaper but it’s going to get to me probably a few weeks. And the difference from Rustans is 1.5k and I get it right away and I can try it pa before purchasing. I decided to sleep on it and will decide the next day. Since I was really sold to this I could not sleep and kept thinking about it. So when I woke up the following morning I told myself, what the heck I’m going to get it.

and so I did!

Good thing the sales assistant in Dyson (Rustan’s) was very helpful and let me test it (they had a tester unit). She taught me how to use all the attachments that came with it.

I love the packaging! It’s made of leather. Amazon had 2 colors black and camel. Rustan’s had only the camel

How it looks like inside

It comes with a barrel (very light). Love it!

and these are the attachments:

pre-styling (you can use this as a blower also)

Air Wrap barrels

it comes in 2 sizes 30mm and 40mm and it comes in 2 pieces for each size. One barrel is for when you want to style your hair away from your face and the other barrel is for when you want to style facing your face

Soft smoothing brush (l )and the firm smoothing brush (r)

when you use these it’s the same effect when you’re ironing your hair. The firm smoothing brush if you want your hair really straight

Round volumizing brush (when you want more volume)

I tried today the pre-styling attachment and the air wrap barrels and for a first time user, it was easy to use. Altho’ I need more practice to perfect it. And Yesterday I tried the firm smoothing brush.

To cut the long story short (lol), so far I am happy with it. No regrets. Sorry, I don’t have pictures to show how my hair looks like. But for sure I will be posting pictures soon.

If you want to watch a video on how it really works you can watch this video. Like I said I have been her follower for many years now. I follow her and her husband (they just got married 2 years ago and they just had a new baby). Her name is Janni Olsson Deler and her hubby is Jon Olsson.


jump to 1:15 straight to the review

I always use a heat protectant every time I use a heated tool on my hair and the heat protectant that I use now is this one.

I got this in my salon in Ones Salon.

Left: Davines All in one Milk.

It is a heat protectant and a hair treatment in one

Right: Davines Liquid Spell

this is mousse in texture and this is for setting.

Davines brand is made in Italy and my salon is the distributor here in the Philippines

The hairbrushes I use for a long time now (ever since my kids were small). Are these 2 Denman brushes. You have no idea how many I have gone through with these brushes. I use the black one when I am drying my hair using a blower and the white one when I’m taking out the waves.

While using my tools I use hand gloves to protect my hands from the heat. Sorry, it’s kinda dirty. My helper normally washes this at least once a month. I actually need to buy a new one cos I have been using this for a very long long time now. LOL.

 So, there you are. For those who have been asking me how I take care of my hair,