“Taking care of me” day. I started the day with my vit. c facial mask.


(my apologies for my messy bathroom sink and my bra hanging in the background. I didn’t notice until now)

The mask stayed on my face until the mask has dried up (around 2 hours). After taking off my mask I did not wash my face and let the serum sipped through my skin thoroughly.

My nail therapist arrived and had foot spa and mani/pedi.

It’s called maintenance. So hard to be a woman, lol!

My friend and neighbor Arlene met me in the lobby at 5:00 pm to go to the golf club where Greg (her hubby) plays golf with his expat friends. One of the wives Kasinee who is Thai (married to a Scottish guy, Paul Duncan) was celebrating her birthday and Paul hosted a party for her after their game (in the golf club).

This is the kind of birthday party I like. Everyone was wearing casual clothes, very relax, good food and so much laughter. Not like most birthday parties held in a hotel wearing all those stiff gowns with stiff people around. I don’t have time for that kind of parties. Sorry. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that, that’s not me.

So, anyway, the celebrant got drunk and the real party started. Lol! Kasinee was so funny I wanted to bring her home with me! lol! Seriously. I know already who to call when I feel sad. Lasingin si Kasinee!

Birthday dance with her hubby and the ones holding her cakes are their respective caddies. aww… so cute!

The food was so good. Catered by Manila House and there was lechon! yummo! They started drinking the minute we got there (which was like 5:30ish). I don’t drink so I stuck with my coke zero. lol!

We stayed until 8:00 pm and before we left I made sure I had pictures taken with the birthday celebrant. Please take note she was very drunk already when these photos were taken. I couldn’t stop laughing. Lol!

with my friend Arlene and her daughter Kate

It was a great party with great food and great people.

ootd muna. lol!

Top: Zara  //  Jeans: Zara  //  Mules: Gucci  //  Bag: Chanel  //  Belt: Chanel  //  Sunglasses: Chimieyewear  //  Willow Jewelry