got off the wrong floor

I was supposed to do my grocery yesterday (Monday) but I was not feeling well. So I did it today. Every time I do my grocery I bring Beth (cook) cos even tho’ we have a list she’s the one who basically knows what we ran out of and what we need to buy.

We were in the grocery for like an hour and we went home straight after grocery.

 Our choreography every time we get home is Beth & I get off in the lobby and Jake (driver) is the one who will take care of bringing up the groceries.

When we got to the elevator normally Beth is the one who presses our floor with her access card (I have my own access card).

I was standing behind her when we were inside the elevator. When the elevator stopped she went out and I followed her.

When we got to our unit she took the key (the key was with her) in her pocket and opened the door.

 It won’t open.

The second try, it still won’t open. She tried and tried but it still won’t open. I took the keys and tried to open it myself. It won’t open! It looks like it was locked from the inside.

We were both wondering what happened.

I was already freaking out by this time.

We waited for Jake. But it took him a long time to come up. I thought maybe he was waiting for the trolley (we only have 2 trollies and there are times some tenants use it and you have to wait).

I told Beth that I am going down to the reception so they can call Master Key. And I told her if Jake arrives to let him call me.

The minute I got to the lobby I received a text from Jake saying, “mam, paki bukas ang pinto.”

So I called him. I told him Beth is there and we can’t open the door. He told me Beth was not there. WTH is going on?

I was major panicking already.

When I was on my way to the reception it suddenly dawned on me. We got off the wrong floor! I remembered there was another person in the elevator with us and when that person got off on her floor maybe Beth thought it was our floor already. So she went out and I followed her.

So I called Beth and told her we were on the wrong floor. She tried to reason out that it was the correct unit number. I said shut up and listen to me!!! You are on the wrong floor.

So, I hurriedly went up to our floor and true enough Jake was there outside with the trolley and our groceries. OMG.

I told Beth to go down the lobby and Jake will meet her there. When they arrived I was so pissed. She opened the door and I wanted to strangle her! ughhhhhh…

In other stories, lol, I haven’t done this in a long time. Since lockdown. And I kinda missed doing this.


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