Since I will be out of town next week, I went to S&R to do my grocery before I leave. Even tho’ I was not up to go out I had to. I was just so tamad yesterday and didn’t want to move. Can I just cuddle with Schumi the whole day, please.

Anyway, I went to S&R and boy, was I glad I went. I went berserk. LOL! This is what I saw.

I did not expect they would restock right away. Usually they restock more than 3 months. Can you just imagine how happy I was! LOL. I asked for 2 boxes right away!

It really made my day!

Something good also happened while I was inside S&R, a lady approached me and said: “you’re Tina Tagle. I read your blog.” I was so happy (I’m always happy every time a follower would approach me) and so I talked to her for awhile. Gina. That’s her name. She asked me how come I don’t blog as often anymore and I told her I have been busy lately. Before we parted she told me, “hey, you really look good in person.”

On my way home I was trying to analyze what she said “you look good in person.” Does it mean I don’t look good in my pictures? I look better in person?

Hey, I think her comment was the best comment I ever heard! Meaning with all the filters, editing, etc. going on I still look the way I look. It’s the real me.

It’s better than someone telling you, “how come you don’t look like your pictures.” Or you look better in your pictures.” Meaning pangit ka in person! hahahahahahahaha.

Thanks Gina! I will try to blog as often as I can. Just for you.


Top: Zara  ||  Jeans: Vintage Replay  ||  Shoes: Chanel Espadrilles  ||  Bag: Chanel Backpack  ||  Willow Jewelry