I know to some of you here I might be too late in the band wagon. But what can I do? I just discovered this last week. Altho’ JSP mentioned this place to me a couple of times in the past but I was not interested ‘cos I am not really a burger person. The only burger I will ever eat is Shake Shack. LOL.

And yes, I am talking about this burger joint in Salcedo village 8 Cuts Burger Blends.

Like I said we went here last week and I was very surprised. Their burgers are the best I have ever tasted in Manila. It is very close to Shake Shack (well according to my taste). Never have I eaten a burger as good as this. Brothers Burger doesn’t even come close. Their bun is so soft and chewy (like Shake Shack). The beef is very juicy. This is the kind of burger that I love. And now I don’t have to go to New York just to eat Shake Shack burgers.

Today we went there again for lunch (I just can’t help it!) (I have been craving for it since we came here). I need to or else I’m going to throw a tantrum. LOL.

We ordered 2 kinds of their burgers. Their original cheese burger and the 4 cheese burger. OMG. I swear to god, it is soooo good. We also ordered their onion rings (the best onion rings I have tasted) and their thin french fries. Definitely this will be my new favorite hang out place.

the original cheese burger and their 4 cheese burger

Onion rings

thin french fries

It’s a good thing we went there early because the lunch crowd can get heavy. In fact even if we went around 11:30am most of the tables were already reserved. This is how it looks like inside.

8 Cuts Burger Blends

H.V. de la Costa cor. L.P. Leviste St.

Salcedo Village, Makati City

They have other branches all over.


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