There’s a new skincare product  (face mask) that I just discovered. Actually, I bought this when I went to Rustan’s (grocery) a few weeks ago and I forgot all about it.

Derma C

This is formulated by Korean skincare experts. Aside from Vit. C it has hydrolyzed collagen

Last Saturday when I was cleaning my bathroom cabinet I saw it and thought of trying it since I had no plans that day and I was just staying home.

After taking a shower I opened it and applied the mask. Normally you apply face masks 15 mins to 20 mins maximum but like I said I had no plans of going out that day so I decided to let it stay on my face longer (until it dried up) maybe an hour. When the mask dried up I took it off but I did not wash my face and let the essence stay on my face the whole day.

I washed my face by night time and applied my normal nightly skincare regimen.

I love the result! The next day my skin was so soft and smooth. My skin was so dewy and glowy. That when I went to lunch with my kids I didn’t have to put any foundation or concealer. I just put eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. My skin was that good and I did not want to cover it with foundation or concealer.

Normally, I do my grocery every Monday. But last Monday (and Tuesday) I was not able to do my grocery becos 1. I was sick 2. it was raining so hard.

Today I had no choice but to go (even if it was raining) cos we ran out of a lot of things already. One of the items on my list is the Vit. C face mask. I decided to buy more of the Vit. C mask cos I really like it.

And I saw they had a new one.

Aloe vera 98% Soothing Mask

This is made in Korea

I know that Aloe vera is good for facial moisturizer. So, when I saw this I picked it up right away.

In fact, I use this Aloe Vera moisturizing gel every night. I got this in Healthy Options

Just sharing with you my good finds.

When we (driver, and Aiza my helper) went to the grocery I asked Aiza to take a picture of Jake (driver) cos he looked like a secret service following me. Lol!

Jake has been with me for a couple of months already and he is one of the blessings that I am so grateful for. He’s the best driver I ever have. Ever.

He used to be a company driver and his last employer is an expat (from Holland). So he really has good training. He’s very well mannered and he is very clean (not like some drivers we had that looks sweaty). He comes to work (9 am) very presentable. Clean and well-ironed uniform. I like the way he drives (not kaskasero), very smart and always keep my car clean.

When I interviewed him when he applied I was hesitating in the beginning becos he was asking a high salary (higher than what we normally pay our other drivers). I’m not gonna lie I hesitated in the beginning. But since I was desperate cos Nick (my old driver) was already going to resign I didn’t have a choice but to hire him.

And my life is never the same again. hahahaha. He really raised the bar. I will never ever find a driver like him.

When I moved to my condo one of the things that I am so grateful for and I thank God (every chance I get) for sending me good house staff. He sent me Aiza and Jake who are really good workers. It saved me stress and headaches.

After grocery, I met up with Claudia for lunch! Yay! (Vito and Vinny could not join us) During weekdays the kids and I meet up randomly for lunch (aside from our Sunday lunch). Last week it was me and the boys only cos Claudia had fever.

By the way, it is still raining (on and off) and I have no choice. Life has to go on.

Sweatshirt: F21  //  White Jeans: Zara  //  Mules: Gucci  //  Bag: HenrietHelene  //  Sunglasses: Celine  // . Willow Jewelry