I have been so excited to post this since over the weekend. But I had so many things to do and I needed to prioritize things. Finally, now is the time.

I always get excited every time I discover a good product. And I always want to share it with you.


Sometime last week Claudia and I dropped by Healthy Options because we had a few things to repurchase. I am about to ran out of my facial cleansing oil and Claudia had to buy her usual health food.

While I was going around Healthy Options I stumbled upon this Derma E Shampoo & Conditioner that I haven’t seen before (new product) and I got interested.

So, I picked it up so I can try it. I always like to try new products cos you’ll never know, right?

Drema E Restoring Shampoo & Restoring Conditioner

What drew me to this are the ingredients. It has lemongrass and Vit. E. They had no tester so I don’t know what it smells like. But I picked it up anyway.

I love the color of the packaging. And it comes in a tube and not a pump bottle. It’s easier to dispense. I hate it when shampoos and conditioners are packaged in pump bottles.

Derma E Restoring Shampoo 

Derma E Restoring Conditioner

The first thing I noticed when I used it the first time is the scent. It smells exactly the shampoo I posted before the Teadora Rainforest Youth Elixer. 

Both shampoos smell exactly the same and for a while there I thought I was using Teadora so I took a second look. What is going on here? When I read the ingredients of both shampoos they basically have the same ingredients. No wonder.

Derma E Restoring Shampoo and Teadora Rainforest Youth Elixer not only smell the same they work exactly the same. It made my hair so soft. I feel so fresh the whole day and the only difference is the Derma E shampoo is volumizing. Which is what I like.

I have very fine hair and this shampoo gave my hair so much volume and I love it. And I feel fresh the whole day and my hair smells so good the whole day.

This will definitely be my official summer 2018 go to shampoo!

Since I picked this up for me to try, I only bought 1 tube. jeezzz… I need to run to Healthy Option to buy more. I hope I am too late yet.