Yesterday I asked the kids if they want to have lunch cos I did not have anything to do and I wanted to get out of the house. They said yes and we had lunch in The Grid (in Rockwell) cos I was craving for their grilled cheese lobster.

After lunch, I was supposed to go to Landmark to buy an electric fan (cos the electric fan in my living room got busted). But I did not end up going cos after lunch I had a super bad headache. So I went home and Claudia told me to sleep it off. It kinda went away late afternoon.

So basically, yesterday was a quiet day for me.

BTW, I love this mule that I bought in Daily_Schedule New York! This brand is owned by the daughter of Rico Ocampo and Tina Maristela. They have a shop in San Antonio Arcade Plaza in Forbes Park.

I love it cos it is well made, very good packaging (looks sosyal ang packaging).  I liked it so much I ended up buying 2 pairs and for sure I will buy more!

You can order online on their Instagram account @daily_schedule.NY.



Top: Chanel  //  Trousers: Uniqlo  //  Shoes: daily_schedule New York  //  Bag: bought it in a shop in Soho (New York). Forget the name of the shop  //  Sunglasses: Celine  //  Willow Jewelry