I know when it’s time to go back to blogging when people start checking on me and asking if I’m okay. To all those who messaged me on Messenger and DM’d me on Instagram, thank you!

I was wondering why you guys are asking me if I’m okay and then I remembered my last post was about me getting sick.

Okay, let’s start from where I left off.

I am okay. I am no longer sick (I was sick on my birthday week). My Doctor (Dr. Wenceslaso) finally gave me antibiotics and on the second day, I went back to normal. yay!

I have been just busy with life and absorbing the fact that I am a year older now. So far life’s been good. Challenging at times but basically good.

Yesterday I heard a very shocking news and I felt down and out the whole day. Vinny was the one who told me and I was shocked.

“Mom, Carlos Celdran died.”

It took me a couple of seconds to understand what Vinny just said. All questions started spinning inside my head. What? Why? How?

I could not believe it. We were just chatting a week ago. He has migrated to Madrid early this year and it was quite obvious that he missed home.

Carlos is the son of my kid’s Pediatrician, Dr. Mike Celdran. Carlos and I became friends through Cecile (Chuvaness). And since we follow each other on Instagram and Facebook we were updated with each other’s lives.

We all know that he is a very controversial personality here in Manila but we never talk about it. He was always the son of Dr. Celdran to me (who I love dearly)(and who is like a family to us). So the respect has always been there from the get-go.

Right now it is still so hard to believe that he is gone. His family is arranging to fly his body back to Manila. And until then I don’t even know how to face Dr. Celdran. I can just imagine how devastated he must be. And of course the whole family.

gone too soon…