I’m flying to Cebu tomorrow (for the weekend) to visit Mom and Dad and also go to the cemetery (visit the tombs of my brother and grandparents) before the All Saints and All Souls day rush.

It’s just a quick trip and I’ll try to squeeze some time to see my friends, too. Coincidentally, my bff/cousin (Jojo from Houston) is also going home and will arrive Cebu the same day I will arrive. So, yay! I have no idea how I will fit everyone in. geez…

Anyway, packing for a trip can be so tedious and difficult if you don’t have a system. But if you have a system packing is fun. For me, it’s one of the highlights of my trip.

I love packing. Especially packing my toiletries. And choosing what outfits to bring (clothes, shoes, & accessories). Since I already have a system packing is so quick, easy and fun for me. I always pack the day before I fly out.

Since I’m leaving tomorrow, I packed today. I started this morning and did some work in between and I was able to cook dinner for Vito, too! I just finished packing a few minutes ago and I want to show you how I pack.

After packing my clothes (& undergarments), shoes, and accessories I pack my toiletries the last. I start with my skincare products (I normally transfer them in small plastic containers).

L to R: toner, makeup remover, cleanser, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and Eves (feminine wash)

L to R: Vitamin C Serum, and 2 different kinds of moisturizer creams

I put everything in a see-through plastic bag (I like see-through bags cos I can see what’s inside without opening the bag)

I put the rest of my toiletries in a separate bag

I did not transfer these products since they come in small bottles (except the body lotion)

Makeup wipes, round cotton pads, Q-tips, body sponge, toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss

Now, for the makeup

I put my makeup brushes in a separate bag for easy access

Then I put everything (makeup bags included) in a big see-through plastic bag

So, now, all my toiletries are in one big see-through bag where I can see everything. Then I placed it in my luggage together with the rest of my stuff.

When I open my luggage I know where everything is in just one glance.

I hope I’m able to give you tips on how to pack without a fuss and enjoy it at the same time! I’ll be gone for a few days and I won’t be able to blog while I’m out of town. But I will randomly be posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

I hope you guys will have a nice weekend and are ready for the short holiday next week. I’m sure a lot of you will be going home to the province. So, enjoy and have fun with your families.

Peace out.