I get stressed and pressured if I haven’t posted in a few days or weeks. People start to look for me. My people I mean.

I haven’t posted since Monday since I got myself busy with things.

  1. my 2 doctors appointments
  2.  blood test
  3. I had to buy Christmas decors for my place (Jake (driver)): “wow Mam may Christmas spirit na tayo!)”( lol)
  4. picked up stock for my hair dye (I ran out) (and I am freaking out)
  5. and I was nursing a bruised on my arm and my knees

what happened here was when the medical therapist came to my house early morning (Monday) to draw blood I tried pulling half of the throw blanket which was on the floor. Not knowing my other foot was stepping on the other end of the throw blanket and I pulled it and I fell right smack on the floor landing on my knees and my right arm. ouch!

I had a hard time walking for a few days and trying to hide my bruises. It was painful man. I sent a picture in my kid’s chat group and Vinny told me “wtf, mom! what are you doing to your life?”

Things are better now. My bruised has faded but my arm still kinda hurts.

So for a couple of days, I just stayed home and watched The Irishman on Netflix. I have not yet finished yet cos the movie is 3 hours long! So I stop every now and then but I tell you if you’re fond of the “mafia” kind of movies you will like this. Powerful cast: Robert de Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci. How can you go wrong?

So in between watching Irishman, I am trying to finish the new book Of Howard Stern “Come Again.”

I love Howard Stern even before in the eighties. Among my peer group, I was only the one who understood him. No one could get it that everything in his radio show was all “show.” It was not real. It was not the real him. He needed to get listeners. And to cut the long story short Howard Stern became a broadcasting mogul.

Reading his book made me understand his real persona and got to know him and made me admire and love him more. I am just about in my last pages of the book and I am reading it slowly cos I don’t want it to end.

Today, I needed to run a few errands and I already found what to get for Claudia and Vito for Christmas. For Vinny and Franny, I don’t know yet. I still need to look around.

F8cking Christmas is finally here. And I don’t mean to disrespect the birth of Jesus. I just don’t like the fanfare, the traffic, etc.

What can you do? I am a lazy person. lol!


(I wore this when I went to see my doctor) (and he was very happy with my numbers. so yay)

Top: J. Crew  //  Vintage Jeans: H&M   //  Mules: Chanel  //  Bag: Balenciaga  //  Sunglasses: Celine  //  Willow Jewelry