This is the only day in the whole year where you want to be in the city. Because no one is here. Everyone is out of town. So you have the whole of Makati to yourself! woohoo! But the downside is everything is close. All the malls, the banks, and the restos. lol!

Yesterday since I knew it will be the last day that groceries will be open I did a quick run to S&R (again) and bought some munchies so I have something to munch when I will watch Netflix later.

It’s such a quiet day today and I love it.

By the way, Kuro has been a bad boy lately and for the last 2 days, Aiza and I tied him in the patio. He is the most spoiled fur baby I ever had. We can’t do anything. If there is something he doesn’t like us to do he gets mad and won’t stop barking. So, for now, he is in the patio, tied (but with a long leash so he can move around). I place his food and water bowl there and also his wee pad. He needs to be disciplined. Otherwise, he will end up running my household.

Enjoy the long weekend guys! Even tho’ it’s kinda cloudy and about to rain. Just think I am just in my room today with my munchies and watching Netflix. lol!


Top: J. Crew  //  Shorts: Urban Outfitters  //  Shoes: Gucci  //  Bag: Christian Dior  //  Sunglasses: Givenchy  //  Willow jewelry