I’m finally done with my Christmas decoration in our home (actually it was done last Tuesday). I normally do it by areas. While waiting for my tree to go up I did our living room (downstairs) and kitchen. When my tree was up I did our formal dining, lanai and the last was our living room upstairs.

I’m finally done. woohooo! Altho’ we usually light our tree on the 1st of December. But our Christmas lights in our entrance door is already on.

But life goes on. Next week I will start my Christmas shopping. I hope to finish everything and have it delivered on or before the 15th of December.

We will fly to Tokyo on Christmas day (Dec. 25) and stay there up to Dec.30. We normally go to the beach on these dates. Every year that has been our yearly ritual ever since the kids were small. But this year Claudia begged to go back to Tokyo (we were there last March this year). I didn’t want to in the beginning ’cause I know it’s going to be cold. But Claudia begged and begged. So, this year for the first time we are not going to the beach.

I kinda feel bad ’cause I already bought (online) some really nice bathing suits. The one I’m really excited about is the one piece with a picture of ice cream in front. Oh god, it’s sooo cute! I guess it has to wait after the holidays.

And good luck to me in Tokyo (please God I hope it’s not going to be that cold).

I have to do everything before the 25th. By everything I mean all our transactions in Willow Jewelry, buy everything to be prepared on New Years Eve, banking stuff, etc.

I can’t believe another year will pass. 2016 has been so quick.

I hope 2017 will be kinder and gentler. I have so many plans next year for Willow Jewelry and my blog (better content).

Are you guys ready for 2017?