You all know about our labandera (laundry woman) who had chicken pox when we arrived from Tokyo. Right? So, now there’s a twist to that story. Nana called me last week and suggested not to let her come back anymore. She is so scared of her already. “Hay naku, Tina. Isipin mo yan baka mahawa ang mga anak mo.” – think about it, Tina. Your kids might get contaminated.

Okay! That did it. She knows how to scare me. So, our labandera will not be coming back anymore. Altho’ we have a backup, our back up is only good for 1-month ‘cos she is going back to school. We are now in the middle of looking for a new labandera.

Just when the backup is starting to learn our laundry system I will have to train a new one again.

You know doing the laundry is not just washing the clothes and ironing the clothes. You have to know where to put everything.

Think about it, my 3 kids are all athletic and are into different sports. Vinny plays tennis, Vito plays golf and goes to the gym regularly while Claudia goes to the gym twice a day (morning and evening) so, you can just imagine all kinds of socks, all kinds of sportswear. And you need to put each one in the right cabinet. If not, it’s a never-ending screaming of, “mommmm, this not my socks. Mommm, where is my golf socks Mommmm, where is my office socks? 

That has always been our problem, especially with the boys. They are very particular with their clothes. Vinny and Vito? They don’t borrow clothes. They hate it when their clothes get mixed up and get into the wrong cabinet. They hate that. Not like me and Claudia. Altho’ we don’t borrow clothes, I don’t mind if my clothes end up in her closet and she wears them. I don’t freak out.

So, what I did before (especially with our underwear) I told the labandera to write our initials inside the underwear with a black sharpie. So she will know who’s who. But you know, with all labanderas that have been coming in and out of our household sometimes you get lucky and find someone who does not know how to think. One time one labandera wrote the initials outside our underwear. I mean like at the back of my underwear you can see there’s a letter T at the hem. I’m walking around with a letter T in my underwear. Now you know.

One time Vito asked me, “mom, why is there a letter V2 on the back of my t-shirt? Like outside my shirt. Not inside? Who wrote this”

See what I mean?

And that is why I hate training new laundry woman. It will take more than a month for them to know all our clothes.

Why is life so hard?


Dressing up to go to the grocery.

Junabeth (helper): mam, bakit ka naka sweater? Hindi ka ba na iinitan? – Mam, why are you wearing a sweater? Don’t you feel hot?

Me: malamig sa grocery. – it’s cold in the grocery


Top: Azul  ||  Pants: Uniqlo  ||  Bag: no brand (bought it in Tokyo)  ||  Mules: Alberta Ferretti  ||  Shades: No brand )bought it in Tokyo)  ||  Willow Jewelry