This is also my first working day for 2018.

We had 2 orders of the same necklace and even the same initials from 2 different clients. Can you believe that? What a nice buena mano. So, I worked on that. And I did some banking stuff, too.

I also cleaned out my work desk. I threw away stuff that I don’t need any more like receipts, bills, my 2017 notebooks, etc. It always feels good after you declutter. It feels light and a fresh start.

In between doing all those, I was busy with something else. We have death in the family yesterday (older sister of Mom) and I was planning to go home to Cebu. At first, my Uncle told me the cremation and burial is on the 13th (January) so I booked myself on the 11th. But after a few hours, Mom called me and told me they changed the date of the cremation and burial. It got moved on January 6, this Saturday already.

That means I have to fly out of Manila by tomorrow. I looked for morning flights but all airlines were all fully booked. Available were evening flights which I did not want to take.

If I leave on Friday it would be too tight already. So, Mom said not to push through anymore. I still tried. I finally decided not to fly late this afternoon. ‘Cos available flights on Friday did not look good also.

I will stick to my original plan. Before my Auntie died I am already scheduled to fly to Cebu on the 16th to visit Mom and Dad.

So, that took most of my time today. Should I go home, should I not? That stressed me for a while.

2018… what’s in store for me? I feel that this is going to be a good year.

  1. I’m planning to focus on Willow Jewelry and give it my all. I’m not gonna lie, last year I did not really work hard. I was just going with the flow.
  2. I want to work on eating healthy and working out seriously. I have to.
  3. Avoid negative people. Continue to keep my circle of friends small.
  4. Visit Mom and Dad more often
  5. Work on being a good human being and cultivate good relationship with the people around me
  6. Blog regularly
  7. Not shop too much. I’ll try. I really will.

But then again, the ball is not in my hands. Let’s see what happens.

Que sera, sera…