Family vacation 2017

Summer Holiday – done!

mid year Shopping Holiday – done!

Christmas Holiday –

One more family holiday left for 2017.

So, we (fam) left for Hongkong last Friday and we just got in early this morning. That’s the reason why I haven’t posted for a couple of days. Altho’ I brought my laptop with me (I was planning to blog while I was there) (but di kaya. I got so tired at the end of the day). I end up not posting at all.

Before we left I was telling myself I will blog at night while the kids are out (they usually go out at night). So, I brought my laptop. Hand carried it (MacBook Pro is so heavy) (but still I brought it) and nothing happened (hahaha).

We haven’t been to Hongkong in quite awhile. The last time we were there was in 2015. Not like before we used to go twice a year (to shop). But when the kids got bigger they got fed up with Hongkong and we started going to Japan (Tokyo) instead for our shopping trips the last few years.

It was so nice to be back! Brought back a lot of memories.

We stayed in Mandarin Oriental in Central which was connected to Landmark and IFC. 2 of the biggest malls in Central Hongkong (we usually stay in Kowloon side). So, you can just imagine all the walking we did.

We went around Queens/Hollywood road area and had fun going to the small local shops. A lot of new restos are popping up in this area. Mostly vegan restos. Millennial food (which Claudia loved) (Mom, I super love Hongkong again). Oo-kay.

On our last day, Hato conveniently hit Hongkong. It went up to signal 10 which shut down the whole city.  We got stuck in our rooms and our flight was canceled and was rescheduled twice. We were able to finally fly at 3:30 am and landed Manila at 5:30 am this morning.

Glad to be back home. I basically slept the whole day today. To recuperate from all the walking, shopping, and eating that we did.

Hongkong scenes

The Hotel


The food


The shopping


Street Scenes

Hongkong – August 2017