“Remember Kyle. This is the day. After the super bowl”  – my brother Chris messaged me early this morning.

I messaged him back.

“You know what? When Kyle died I gave it my all. I supported Putchie all the way. 100%. I flew thousands of miles and left my kids for 10 days (which I don’t normally do) just to be with her. Every day I cried for Kyle and her. But it turned out it didn’t mean anything to her. So, tell me, what will I get remembering Kyle and Putchie?

Like I said I have erased Susan, Annie & Putchie (and their loved ones) in my heart. The way they betrayed our parents and family is unforgivable to me.

The moral support I gave Putchie when Kyle died depleted me. Body and soul. 

This is not about Kyle. He did not deserve Putchie.

For me, this is about family betrayal and I will take it to my grave.”