“mam, wala na hong sabon pang laba.” – Mam, there’s no more laundry soap

They always say it when there’s none left. No matter how many times you tell them to let me know when there’s still a little left. No. They always tell you when there’s none to use.

So, I went to S&R to pick up laundry soap.

Right before I went out of the house Junabeth (house girl) gave me a list to buy. They always do that. I am supposed to just buy laundry soap and they always have something more at the last minute. Jeeez.

Well, actually I was really meant to go to S&R to hoard on Honey & Butter potato chips (I was scared it might run out). We are going to the beach and I am planning to bring it. This Honey & Butter potato chips is the bomb.com. I swear to god.

You need to try them if you haven’t yet.

I picked up some wrapping paper and gift tags. Time to wrap gifts this weekend.

Sorry for a boring post. I am sticking to my promise that I will blog every day this month and I am running out of content! So, help me god.


Dress: H&M  ||  Mules: Chanel  ||  Bag: Gucci Backpack  ||  Willow Jewelry